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I am a red head.  That means that I do not carry a dominant gene for hair coloring.  So in order for me to have children with red hair I would have to marry a man with red hair or who had a recessive gene.

It’s really not that hard.  Lots of people with brown hair have a recessive gene in there.  In fact both of my parents had brown hair before it turned gray.  Before it was brown it was blond.  They were neither one red heads like me.

I am the only one of their three daughters that has red hair.  The other two are blond.  So I am guessing that they both have a recessive gene.  My grandfather on my mother’s side had red hair.  But both of my parents have siblings with red hair.

My husband is a black man.  His hair is brown.  He tells me that as a child it was very light brown.  He claims to have used shoe polish in it to make it appear darker.  Neither one of his parents has red hair.  But he does have family members with light colored eyes.

My first child is a red head.  My beautiful daughter.  With her big smile and her papa’s face but her light skin and really, extremely curly red hair.

“I guess that red hair is dominant” people would say.

What a silly comment.  Don’t they know that it is recessive and that people with brown hair can have a recessive gene that doesn’t show?

According to my middle school science book if my husband has one red hair gene and I have two then fifty percent of our children should have red hair.

I guess we decided to test it out.  But we stopped at four children.  After all it’s like flipping coin right.  We got two red heads!  And we love them just as much as we love our brown haired children (what a silly thing to say).

My two red heads are on the left and the other two on the right. They are all beautiful.

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